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Enhance Travel with Essential Oils and Good Books

January 05, 20242 min read

Enhance Travel with Essential Oils and Good Books

You are not limited by your environment or circumstances.

February is around the corner as I write this.

Are you satisfied with where you are? Not only your physical location but where you are in all aspects of your life.

It’s winter where I currently live. The temperatures have been bitter cold with piles of snow. Some people may enjoy that. I’m not one of them.

Travel Adventures

I treasure the trips I have taken thus far. Some of my favorites were Monterey Bay in California, Savannah, Georgia, and Tybee Island with the lighthouse and a dolphin excursion on a tropical island. I plan to take many more. In the meantime, here are some adventures to enjoy.

When it’s time to escape, make it an adventure.

How can you travel, explore, and discover? It can happen by going on trips and vacations or even experiencing the wonder in your own living room.

Travel is gearing up again after the world has been on lockdown. Let’s talk about how you can create an atmosphere of exploration, discovery, and relaxation in your own home if you prefer.

Enhance Your Life and Travels with Essential Oils

Stimulate your senses to set the mood. Pick your preferred essential oil recipe to put in your diffuser. (Note:  Only use Young Living essential oils for best results.) Here are some ideas.

Look at this lantern diffuser. It has a candle-flicker setting. By the way, that is a good way to keep the air clean and fresh and free of toxins. Many candles are toxic. A diffuser with pure oils is a great option.

Now, if you have a honey, it’s a good time to cuddle. If not, get cozy and enjoy your own company.

Enjoy Books and Movies

Maybe you have little ones.  Grab a children's book like this one.

Or, here is one about Grandparents.

Take yourself on an adventure. Watch a movie or dive into a good book. Discover a new experience page by page.

Enjoy the journey as you read.

Here is a book that will transform you.

Have Fun and Explore

What do you like to do for fun? You may have guessed that writing is one of my fun things, especially travel writing and freelance writing. Add reading, travel, essential oils, and dark chocolate, and that recipe is the perfect one for me.

Take time for yourself. Have fun.

When huge tasks are overwhelming, feel free to reach out. I offer virtual help. I specialize in writing and repurposing content. 

Anything to do with Wellness, Abundance, Adventure, and Living the Life You Were Born to Live, contact me.

Big things are about to be released in your life. Don’t miss out. Your best days are ahead, no matter what your life looks like right now.

Let’s explore and discover together and travel down new roads of awe and wonder.

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